About Yuh-Line

unnamed-3.jpgA lifelong Democrat and advocate for low income and immigrant families, Yuh-Line Niou came to this Country as an infant, when her parents emigrated from Taiwan with six suitcases, very limited money, and her, their new baby daughter. 

Yuh-Line’s family moved around the country while she was growing up, seeking better educational and job opportunities.  Like many growing families, they faced challenges and obstacles along the way, but with hard work and perseverance they were able to build a better life for themselves and their children. For Yuh-Line, seeing the struggles her parents faced and overcame instilled in her a deep belief in social justice and fairness, and helped guide her toward a career in public service.

Yuh-Line began working on state policy while still in college, eventually earning a job with the Washington State House Health Committee Chair, helping develop policies to expand senior access to prescription medication, improve women’s health care, and expand health coverage for low-income families. 

As an immigrant herself, Yuh-Line also took the lead on addressing language access issues in the legislature and in legal and public hearings, where people with language barriers frequently fall through the cracks of public support systems. Yuh-Line then went on to work as an advocate and organizer on anti-poverty issues, building a broad coalition to fight predatory lending and help low income families build assets. 

After moving to New York, Yuh-Line was chosen for a prestigious National Urban Fellowship, working on critical regional and international environmental concerns.  Upon completing the fellowship, Yuh-Line was hired as Chief of Staff for Assemblymember Ron Kim, where she has built her expertise in knowing how state government and our state legislature works, understanding the state budget process, and how to deliver effective constituent services.  Under her leadership, Assemblymember Kim’s office has helped thousands of immigrants, small business owners, teachers, seniors, workers, and students who needed their state government to work for them.  She has drafted legislation to expand language access for immigrant communities, fought for more affordable housing, and expanded services for seniors.  

With a career built on advocacy and community organizing, Yuh-Line has been a passionate and effective voice for the needy and vulnerable, and has a proven track record of bringing communities together to make state government work.  As our Assemblymember, Yuh-Line stands up to Albany’s corruption and dysfunction, improving transparency while leading on issues such as creating green jobs, protecting tenants and expanding affordable housing, fighting sexual and racial discrimination, and keeping our massive systems of transportation safe.  

Yuh-Line lives on Pearl Street with her handsome dog, Samson.