Cleaning up Albany

Our community has been hurt by corruption like no other, and we need an Assemblymember who has the commitment and ability to clean up Albany and give us what we need as taxpayers.  Yuh-Line will rebuild the voters’ trust by working only for us, and by fighting for common sense reforms that are long overdue.

  • Stripping pensions from corrupt politicians:  It’s ridiculous that the taxpayers have to continue to pay for the pensions of the very people who stole their money.  Yuh-Line will be a leader in the fight to pass a clean pension-forfeiture bill for politicians.
  • Special election reform:  Too often, our elected officials are chosen in special elections where party bosses control the process and voters have virtually no say in who represents them.  Yuh-Line will support a common sense reform where special elections for Senate and Assembly are conducted like the non-partisan city special elections, where multiple candidates can run and voters have a real choice.
  • Campaign finance reform.  Yuh-Line will proudly sponsor legislation to create a public financing system like the City’s to reduce the influence of special interests and open the doors for more candidates to run for office.  In addition, Yuh-Line will support closing the egregious “LLC Loophole” which lets developers and other businesses give massive campaign contributions that are many times higher than the legal limit.