With housing costs skyrocketing, Yuh-Line will fight for tenants and homeowners to preserve and expand affordable housing and make sure that seniors can stay in the neighborhoods they’ve always known. As our Assemblymember, Yuh-Line will focus on the housing issues that matter most:

  • Stronger rent laws:  We need to strengthen our rent laws to stop the destabilization of rent-regulated apartments.   Yuh-Line fought and succeeded in eliminating vacancy decontrol and close the loopholes landlords use to deregulate apartments like vacancy bonuses, unfair MCI rent increases, and the preferential rent scam.
  • Senior housing:  Too many seniors are forced out by high rents and unscrupulous landlords, so Yuh-Line will fight to pass stronger laws to end tenant harassment and protect SCRIE.
  • New Affordable Housing:  Yuh-Line believes that we need to make sure that any new housing is truly affordable for community residents, and that local seniors and families have a fair opportunity to live in any new housing.
  • Irresponsible Development:  Yuh-Line will stand against any new developments which would harm our community or come at the expense of current affordable housing.