New York is a city of immigrants, giving us unparalleled diversity and a richness of the fabric of our city that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. As an immigrant herself, Yuh-Line understands the strength that immigrants can bring to our community, but also the particular challenges many immigrant families face in our country.

Pass the Dream Act.  Nothing is more shortsighted than denying a good education to people who live in our communities, but too many immigrant children, through no fault or action of their own, are denied the opportunity to attend college. Yuh-Line has been a longtime advocate for the Dream Act, which would make the children of undocumented immigrants eligible for basic college financial aid, and she will proudly sponsor the bill as one of her first acts after being elected. 

Decrease language barriers.  With so many people from so many different parts of the world coming to New York to pursue the American Dream, language issues can create an unnecessary barrier to success or access to needed services. Yuh-Line will continue her lifelong work to break down these barriers at the state and city level.