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Yuh-Line's Progressive Platform


With housing costs skyrocketing, Yuh-Line will fight to preserve and expand affordable housing and ensure that seniors can stay in the neighborhoods they’ve always known. In the last legislative session, Yuh-Line proudly fought to pass historic rent regulations to ensure New Yorkers have access to affordable housing and tenants are protected from unfair evictions and rent hikes. Over two terms, she secured a record $550 million in funding for NYCHA for capital repairs to the crippling infrastructure.

She fought for the Rivington Act to bring greater transparency and community engagement to the closure of nursing homes. Locally, after 100 residents, including seniors and children, were ordered to vacate from 85 Bowery due to their landlord’s neglect of safety violations and critical building repairs, Yuh-Line fought alongside 85 Bowery to secure their safe return home. To prevent this from happening again, Yuh-Line introduced legislation to hold bad landlords accountable when they willingly let their properties fall into disrepair at the cost of their tenants’ safety and security. To tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yuh-Line is advocating for progressive housing reforms to support working families throughout and beyond the pandemic including measures such as relief for working families through a commercial and residential rent freeze, suspending rents during the crisis for some residential and commercial tenants, banning evictions for a full year, and fully funding public housing in the state budget.

As our Assemblymember, Yuh-Line will continue her work on the housing issues that matter most, including fully funding public housing, increasing oversight of NYCHA, strengthening rent laws, opposing developments that harm the community, ending tenant harassment, working to end homelessness holistically, ensuring that we have a speedy and full economic recovery to support residents and small homeowners affected by the pandemic, and advocating for permanent and deeply affordable housing for all.


As a product of public schools, Yuh-Line knows that great schools and access to quality, affordable higher education are the keys to our kids’ future. Together with her community, Yuh-Line fought for the CFE funding our schools are owed, worked to secure a state budget increase to $826 million on school aid, and passed the Dream Act which gives immigrants in NYS a chance to pursue a quality education and build a new life for their families. Yuh-Line will address school overcrowding, fight for safe schools free of lead and other toxins, oppose any new developments that don’t include plans for the increased demand on our schools, continue to work to get schools the CFE funding they are owed, and end the over-reliance on standardized testing. She is committed to addressing inequality in our school system, fighting to end the school-to-prison pipeline, and breaking down the barriers and inequalities that have led to deeply segregated schools. She will continue to be a tireless champion for better public schools, and work with parents, teachers, and administrators to give all kids the opportunities they deserve.

Jobs and the Economy

Yuh-Line is deeply committed to economic justice. Last year, she introduced the Robocall Protection Bill, the General Business Law Bill amendment, and the Small Business Protection Act to protect consumers and small businesses from unlawful, unfair, abusive, and deceptive acts. She introduced and sponsored the Mom & Pop Rent Increase Exemption program to help save NYC’s most-beloved small businesses by encouraging landlords to enter into long-term, affordable leases, with fair renewal clauses, with mom and pop retailers. She sponsored and passed prevailing wage legislation requiring all jobs at privately-owned, monopoly-granted utility companies, like Con Ed, to provide prevailing wage jobs with benefits and fair wages. Yuh-Line will continue to fight to secure a prevailing and living wage for workers; close the racial wealth gap by increasing access to financial services and ending redlining; and break down barriers that keep people in poverty by removing asset limits on public assistance programs to ensure people can save up instead of forcing people to spend down. Yuh-Line will also keep fighting to pass paid family leave, block subsidies for businesses and developers that pay poverty wages, and help small businesses prosper by eliminating regulations that only serve to take money away from these businesses.

Cleaning up Albany

Yuh-Line believes that the only people legislators should be accountable to are their constituents and the people of New York. Our community has been hurt by corruption like no other, and we need an Assemblymember who has the commitment and ability to clean up Albany. Yuh-Line has been fighting for public financing of campaigns because it is a real, viable system that can fight back against corruption and send a message to our constituents that their voices matter. She is proud to see the legislature move towards a robust public campaign finance system to help level the playing field and provide people of color and women the opportunity to fairly fund campaigns and win. She will continue to work to strip pensions from corrupt politicians, reform our special election process, and further our newly-won public financing system to reduce the influence of special interests and open the door for more candidates to run for office. Yuh-Line is also committed to closing the egregious “LLC Loophole,” which lets developers and other businesses give massive campaign contributions that are many times higher than the legal limit. These measures work to restore trust in our democracy and help elect the best representative to office, not whoever happens to be the most well-connected to special interests. As a small-dollar driven and people-driven candidate, Yuh-Line is proud to fight for a more transparent and representative government for our working families.

Protecting the Environment and Strengthening Resiliency

Climate change is an existential threat, and it threatens frontline communities of color more than any others. On the state level, Yuh-Line pushed to pass a $5 billion dollar clean water bond act which was readded to the budget this year for facilities or infrastructure that move or treat water like sewage infrastructure. Yuh-Line will continue working to increase investment in public mass transit, sustainability projects like energy efficiency and clean energy, and resiliency efforts. She is also a proud supporter of the Climate and Community Protection Act which establishes aggressive mandates to ensure New York achieves a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the next 30 years. Locally, Yuh-Line joined stakeholders from our community to discuss the 250 Water Street Brownfield Cleanup Project. She led letters and community engagement to extend the public comment period for the draft investigation work plan to December 2nd, 2019, and in response to community concerns, she led a second letter to extend the public comment period again. Both locally and on the state level, Yuh-Line is committed to fighting for environmental justice and strengthening resiliency measures in our communities.

Civil Rights and Immigration

New York is a city of immigrants, giving us unparalleled diversity and a richness of the fabric of our city that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. As an immigrant herself, Yuh-Line understands the strength that immigrants can bring to our community, but also the particular challenges many immigrant families face in our country. In this past legislature, Yuh-Line pushed to pass the Dream Act to protect our immigrants from threats on the federal level. She fought for stronger protections against discrimination, increased funds for refugee resettlement programs and legal defense services for immigrants, and measures to ease the financial burden of obtaining citizenship. She has been a champion for increased language access across government services, and will continue to break down these barriers at the state and city level.

Yuh-Line has been a champion for civil rights and defending our community’s values. In 2018, she was one of the foremost advocates of the Zadroga Act, sponsoring and passing a bill to extend the time an individual living in the affected zone of 9/11 has to file a notice of participation to begin receiving benefits by four more years to 2022. She has been an outspoken advocate for the Child Victims Act which brings justice to survivors of childhood sexual abuse. In this past session, Yuh-Line co-sponsored and helped pass the Reproductive Health Act to solidify Roe v. Wade into state law and further protect women’s reproductive rights. Yuh-Line also passed landmark sexual harassment protections for all New Yorkers, including mandating that all employers have a sexual harassment policy, employee training, and a clear complaint and investigation process. Together with her colleagues, she passed historic reforms to fix our broken criminal justice system which disproportionately affects Black, Latinx, and low-income families, with the elimination of cash bail through alternate release and discovery reform. These reforms are the first steps towards a more equitable criminal justice system, and Yuh-Line will continue to fight to ensure that our system works and that our community remains safe for all.

Criminal Justice Reform

Yuh-Line helped pass historic reforms that fix our broken criminal justice system including the reduction of unnecessary arrests for non-criminal offenses, the elimination of cash bail, police statistics and transparency acts that disproportionately affected Black, Latinx, and low-income families, and the empowerment of the Attorney General’s office to investigate and prosecute police killings and killings under police custody. Furthermore, Yuh-Line voted and passed the repeal of Bill 50-A so we no longer shield police misconduct and police brutality from public scrutiny, and she is a supporter of the Safer NY Act which will help increase police transparency and accountability to New Yorkers' most common encounters with police. She believes that we are long overdue for police reform in this country and that we need to defund millions from the police in order to put critical funding back into our social services, education, and housing. Incident after incident of police brutality and institutional racism has eroded the trust between law enforcement and communities of color and Yuh-Line is committed to reform to begin rebuilding that trust.

Quality of Life

Lower Manhattan is a great place to live, work, and raise a family — but we face more and more pressures that threaten our quality of life. Yuh-Line will work to make sure our streets are safe by working with the local precinct to improve police-community relations, identify potential emerging crime areas, and work with the community to decrease quality of life violations. Yuh-Line will also work to reduce excessive helicopter noise and demand strict enforcement of noise ordinances to end construction outside of normal daytime hours.

Delivering Community Services and Resources

Yuh-Line is committed to creating effective systems to help constituents navigate state government and get the services they need. Year after year, Yuh-Line secured millions for our senior communities and settlement houses, providing affordable housing and life-saving services for seniors. Yuh-Line is committed to transparency and accessibility in government and continuously works to expand her office’s outreach, hold weekend and evening office hours, organize town hall meetings across the district, expand language access, and bring her office to us by holding mobile district offices throughout the community.

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