Jobs and the Economy

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage:  Yuh-Line is a strong advocate for increasing our minimum wage to $15/hour, so workers earning the minimum wage can make enough to survive in New York City.  Increasing the minimum wage will also be better for taxpayers and our local economy, as more families will be able to graduate form public assistance, and they’ll have more money to contribute back into our local small businesses. 
  • Pass Paid Family Leave:  For many working people, a new baby or sick family member can create a needless economic hardship because too many employers refuse to prove any time off without a loss in pay.  The proposed Paid Family Leave proposal will fix that problem, creating an innovative new system that allows for family leave without a loss of income, and without any additional cost to the employer.
  • Block subsidies for poverty wage jobs.  Too many businesses and developers take advantage of massive tax breaks, but don’t want to pay their workers a fair wage.  Yuh-Line will fight to block any taxpayers funds from going to businesses that pay only poverty wages, and she’ll demand that developers pay prevailing wage so that any new buildings are built safely and that workers earn the wages they deserve.
  • Help small businesses.  Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, but many are driven out of business by high rents and predatory ticketing.  Yuh-Line will work to help these small businesses, and work to eliminate any regulations that only serve to take money from these businesses without protecting workers or the public.