Quality of LIfe

Downtown is a great place to live, work, and raise a family - but we face more and more pressures that threaten our quality of life.  Yuh-Line is running for office to be a fighter for our families, and she has the understanding and ability to make her office work to keep our community great.

  • Safe Streets.  We need strong leadership from Albany to make sure our streets are safe and accessible for seniors and families. Yuh-Line will work with our local precinct to improve police-community relations, identify potential emerging crime areas, and work with the community to decrease quality of life violations.
  • Stop the Chop/Noise pollution.  With more construction and increased downtown tourism, excessive noise is becoming more and more destructive to our quality of life.  Yuh-Line will work to reduce excessive helicopter noise, and will demand strict enforcement of noise ordinances to end construction outside of normal daytime hours.