As a product of public schools, Yuh-Line knows that great schools are the key to our kids’ future.  Yuh-Line has been endorsed by the UFT because she’ll be a tireless fighter for better public schools, and work with parents, teachers and administrators to give all kids the opportunities they deserve.

  • Address schools overcrowding.  Too many of our schools are just too crowded, and that needs to change.  Yuh-Line will work to get the funds to bring new schools to our district, and she’ll oppose any new developments that don’t include plans for the increased demand on our schools, mass transit and infrastructure.
  • Increase parental involvement.  Too many parents feel cut out of the process of improving their schools, so Yuh-Line will work with the City and State to open up the doors for more parental involvement in their kid's schools.
  • Ending the over-reliance on standardized testing.  Kids need every opportunity to learn, but too much classroom time is spent on testing and test prep, instead of actual instruction.  Yuh-Line will work to reduce the over-reliance on these standardized tests and end the overuse and misuse of these tests on student and teacher evaluations.