Vote for Yuh-Line Niou on the Working Families Party Line in the 11/3 General Election!

Our champion for Lower Manhattan and low-income immigrant families, Yuh-Line Niou is a lifelong Democrat who has spent her career fighting for economic justice, environmental protection, and transparency in government.

As our Assemblymember, she stands up to Albany’s corruption and dysfunction, leading on issues such as championing economic justice and anti-poverty reforms for our working families, protecting tenants and expanding affordable housing, and fighting against sexual and racial discrimination. She is a tireless advocate for our community, unafraid to speak up for what is right and what our district needs. Right now, more than ever, our district needs a coalition-builder, someone who understands the issues Lower Manhattan faces and is willing to tackle them head on, someone who links communities together in the fight for accountability and progressive change in Albany. Together, we can build a stronger, more representative government for everyone.

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